Advertising Agency

At SetUp Media we’re an advertising agency specialized in online and offline media. Since it will always be valid and provide immediate results, the internet’s version of traditional advertising has become a very powerful tool, completely measurable in each of its stages, forms and mediums. SetUp Media mainly works with SEM campaigns, in both search engines and Display network, tackling the advertising platforms more suited to meet the needs of our client’s services or products.

Google Adwords Advertising – SEM

In order to make the most out of our SEM investment, it is fundamental to develop a strong Google Adwords advertising strategy in accordance with the budget at our disposal. It’s not the same to do a small test than to invest 25.000€ in a two month Christmas campaign. Every SEM campaign is customized to the point that we usually work with a given fee depending on the investment done and the market sector that we’re targeting. We have a deep understanding of each sector’s profit margin, be it B2C or B2B, and we adapt ourselves to the needs of each business model.

Growth Lever

A key element in every online marketing strategy is to find the growth lever, and it’s especially important on a SEM campaign, since we’re working with Google, the biggest advertising system in the whole world, with campaigns having the potential of a worldwide reach and a business model based on the law of supply and demand. It’s easy to see that we’re dealing with a world of opportunities, but also difficulties, a fierce competition and a very demanding “time to market” that makes it mandatory to find the growth lever as soon as possible to make our SEM strategy sustainable and scalable in the long run.

SEO Benefits

A good SEM campaign allows us to quickly find the best keywords, and with that knowledge, improve our ongoing SEO campaign so we’ll stop focusing on the KW’s that are gonna give us a lesser return of investment and focus on the ones that are gonna give us the best conversion potential.

Facebook Ads Campaigns

A good way to attract leads for B2C business is through a good Facebook Ads campaign. Facebook is integrating advertisements in a more efficient manner for mobile devices, and is ready to be one of the main driving forces behind the mobile marketing campaign of a startup, SME or a big company aspiring to be an example in their sector.

Specialized B2B campaigns

Even if at first it might seem that there aren’t many digital marketing options available for B2B businesses, especially those dealing with industrial elements, that’s actually quite far from the truth. There are plenty of resources available, and we at SetUp Media are perfectly aware that for every small and medium sized B2B enterprise out there, there exists the perfect online advertising campaign for them.