SetUp Media, your Business Consultancy

Do you know how many digital opportunities there are? Do you know which is the best digital strategy for your business? Do you know if your Startup is scalable? We at SetUp Media are a business consultancy specialized in solving these and many other doubts. You have found the right professionals!

SetUp acts like a business, technology and marketing partner to increase your possibilities to reach success in the International digital business.

Our main lines of work are:
– Internationalization processes in Europe, USA, South America and Asia
– Optimization of processes through technology in order to improve the marketing campaigns’ efficiency and the communication between the company’s different departments
– Product technology consultancy
– Feasibility analysis of new business lines
– Market and competition studies
– Revision of a brand’s corporate image
– Detection of money losses in advertising investments
– Integral management of a project and a fitting integration with our customers
– Legal, tax and commercial consultancy to guarantee a complete legal coverage
– Experts in scalable, viable and investible franchisee business models
– We are public funding representatives
– We invest in companies at their starting stages
– We help to raise capital rounds in advanced stages with venture capital funds and other private investors

Digital Strategy and ROI

We show you the full potential that social media offers in order to make your business grow.


Business Accelerator

SetUp’s business accelerator strives to invest, incubate and lead the best startups to success:


Foreign trade Consultancy

To generate an international business it is to ensure the foreign trade and create a solid commercial and client acquisition network. SetUp ensures the best partners in different countries like China, Brazil, USA and London.


International Consultancy

Our international consultancy during the starting stages of a project consists not only on detecting our target and how to attract him, but on developing a marketing plan based on the real competition and reliable statistics of seasonal market shares, allowing us to generate long term international franchises with an extensive internet commercial development.