Online Reputation Management

Internet revolution reached our businesses a long time ago and it looks like it’s going to stay. That’s why one of the main handicaps for companies is to monitor what it’s said about them online and manage their reputation. The Business world has been changing at high speed this last years and it has evolved regarding selling, buying and networking, that’s why it’s important to adapt and don’t let those changes affect our business by taking measures to make a profit out of the new environment.

With those sudden changes is understandable that many companies and people don’t know how to manage their presence in the online channels and that’s why they need professionals to guide them and help them.
We all know that nowadays all we are looking for it’s online, that’s why it’s very important that our Brand or persona have some prestige online if we want to be on top of mind. What it’s said about us on social media doesn’t depend on us but on the users who make their opinion influencing other customers.

At SetUp Media we perform consultation services and also mentoring and branding strategy development both personal or for the company. As is it to say, we assess to all kind of brands in their online reputation needs. Also, if needed, we manage the personal identity of the client, as can be the case of elite sportsmen, who can’t dedicate the 100% of their time to manage what their digital identity implies.

Damaging Content Deindexation

Our team is capable of developing an Inbound Marketing strategy for deindexing content which can damage the image brand in search engines. Many times companies count with pages full of poor or expired content and when performing a deindexation we take the risk that online channels lose power.

Also if we don’t manage the issues properly, search engines will index again the previously erased content especially if they are still linked to the web.

SetUp Media has great professionals SEO experts who will take care of performing an exhaustive study of your brand online and give value to the content that really matter in each case.