Web Positioning

Because in Spain and the rest of the world, Google is the king, SetUp Media has a team of SEO experts in both Google and other search engines less important such as Bing.

SetUp Media works all projects of Web positioning in Google considering the search engine quality guidelines, as well as all the new algorithm and periodic updates, essential to avoiding penalties and problems in the medium term.

Entry of a SEO project in SetUp Media

Our priority as a SEO agency in a project, is to understand the overall state of the Web Application or, in case of Mobile Marketing, the state of it. The process of understanding how the project is performed by an audit focused on all on-page and off-page SEO parameters checked against competition in the SERPs (sheets ranking of Google search results). If it is a punishable application, the treatment will be different from others, prioritizing a projects’ depth analysis of the SEO penalty and estimated response times.

SEO Audit

Our SEO agency conducts an audit of all the web aspects On and Off Site, relevant to business goals scored Site, or to be set post audit. Google algorithm works more than 200 factors both on and Off Page, with an order of importance which varies with updates as Google Panda and Google Penguin, that, with less systematic basis and greater efficiency, make every project SEO needs to be treated as if it were unique in many ways.

Information architecture

The information architecture is one of the important SEO factors that directly affects the transfer of authority to the landing pages. Our job is to detect trends in search and be consistent with the usability and navigability of the Web application conversion goals.

WPO (Web Performance Optimization)

We work the times on everything related with WPO of each objective landing page, both to enhance the usability focusing in our users, and to increase our value in the eyes of search engines to minimize resources when indexing and ranking the different website’s urls.

Keyword Research

The keyword research will be a core SEO tool to set many points of an entire online marketing strategy, based on objective business criteria, including identifying opportunities and market niches. It is therefore essential to study SEO keywords meticulously, statistical criteria and analytical precision. We deliver a clear report with all the observations that will shape the following SEO plan.

Other SEO factors

We work all other aspects also with the importance they require. Our priority is to optimize the resources available to get the most of them, and for the most ambitious projects, to get to where others do not succeed in highly atomized and competitive markets.

On Site SEO strategy and implementation

We work SEO implementation in all technologies or advise third parties to carry out a successful implementation of all On Page SEO processes. It is essential to establish a framework and timetable of work logical and plausible.

Product Development

In a long term SEO strategy, it is essential to further develop the product for the best rates possible and iterate not only in the preferences of our users, but search engine input channels and major qualified traffic.

Off Page SEO – Linkbuilding

As a SEO agency, SetUp Media works with the most advanced strategies to avoid penalty. Following the Google Penguin update, the linkbuilding has become very demanding. Prioritizes quality to quantity, and quality is very costly in resources and time, which translated is money. However, with a solid strategy and planning, we can make any plausible goal with the resources available.

Communication and contents strategy

The content strategy is vital for linkbuilding. With a good strategy for internal links, we can transfer the authority from the most relevant pages, to our landing pages and distribute the linkjuice from links with the right anchor text, the text, context and related keywords. The content on third party sites, also has to be worked exhaustively if we want to take full advantage.

Social Media

The ability of segmentation, branding, and generating opinion about services and products, has made of social networks (both mainstream and specific to each market segment) a basic source of linkbuilding of any SEO strategy.