We get public funds

SetUp Media is your finance partner, helping you to develop a strategy of public loans and subsidies, as well as to get private Business Angels and Venture Capital Funds.

Our process is very specific and allows us to achieve a high success rate, therefore, we need the project to fulfill some requirements:

Public financial plan’s stages:

Initial stage and development

– Financial Plan and Business Plan Analysis: during this stage SetUp analyses the cash flow, results, balance sheets and Business Plan that justify the need for public funds from various government agencies.

– We determine which agencies and funding lines opened in 2015 this project could apply for. We analyse both State agencies (ENISA, CDTI, ICO, mainly) and autonomic ones (ICF, etc…)

– We help to prepare and submit any documentation needed by the public institutions.

Final stage

-We keep track of the project’s status in the corresponding organization.

-Achievement of the required funds.

Private funding complementary services:

We perform several services such as “due diligence” of the project to investors, or the preparation of the funding and Business Plans. We also manage private investment lines with Business Angels, investors, family office and in more advanced projects we develop strategies with venture capital funds.

ICO Loans

SetUp Media has years of experience in the field of public funding managing ICO loans and state subsidies. We’re also experts in private capital loans.

It’s not easy to get meaningful financing in Spain, but with some effort we manage to comply with the many conditions demanded by establishments, banks, micro loan platforms, private investors and equity funds in order to get the funding required to properly execute our clients’ business plan.