Agency with expertise in Web analytics and Google Analytics

SetUp Media is a digital marketing agency passionate about web analytics and data interpretation. Also the definition, creation and elaboration of strategies based on big data management.
That’s possible thanks to our specialized technicians and our last generation software, which will allow us to achieve your goals in the best and efficient way.

Either it’s a corporative web or a big e-commerce, web adapt our web analytics to our clients’ needs and define/suggest results’ optimization strategies, always relying on public and private markets’ data that the website analytics gives us. We are aware that analytics is just a small portion of a whole bunch of crossed actions. The advantage of being a 360 marketing agency is that it allows us to implement actions which complement each other achieving better results.
To invest in analytics is to invest in your business, that’s how we understand it.


We use the latest technologies, such as heat maps, remarketing, cookies and personalized plugins that allow us to know anything that our clients wish to know. Both for B2B and B2C, we generate personalized reports crafted by all the departments of our digital marketing agency in Barcelona.

Analytics is just a portion of the 360 marketing plan, and our modus operandi is to achieve the harmony of all the digital marketing elements both external and internal.

Web Analytics allows us to monitor the web applications anytime and to do an in-depth following of the main metrics regarding users. This following is performed through different software analytics programmes which permit to extract enough data to once their analysed, we can identify improvements and start to work on hypothesis.
Making the right decision in easy if you have the best information to work with:

We are Google Partners!