Experts in private funding

SetUp Media provides capital to our startups using our own funds, VC (Venture Capital) investment funds, as well as Business Angels networks and related crowdfunding platforms. In order to maximize the investment to these startups, we also work with different lines of public investment and public funding.

We do all this in order to be intermediaries between those startups who need financing and those who want to invest in them. Thus, these new companies will grow significantly and investors may benefit from it.


From the initial stage where the goal is to achieve a first investment that will accelerate the startups’ growth rate, going through successive rounds of investment or even the process of buying a company, at SetUp Media we accompany entrepreneurs and businessmen with an advisory plan that includes all areas of the operation and fits their specific needs. We also decipher the project’s key elements and find the best way so that the most adequate national and/or international private investors can enter the project.

SetUp Media Investment Fund

To the private investors interested in participating in SetUp Media’s investment fund, we recommend them to contact us and we will communicate as soon as possible what kind of solutions are best suited to your needs. This way we will achieve a greater benefit for both.

At SetUp Media we are experts at getting private funding for startups and companies with innovative ideas that, with the right counseling, have the potential to reach the top. At SetUp Media we can be your investment partner and we can accompany and guide both entrepreneurs and private investors in any of the business’ management areas.