SetUp helps you create your own franchise

We can franchise your project, achieving a viable and scalable business project. First, we focus in auditing a business from scratch: business model, monetization possibilities, costs and benefits, profitability and scalability.
Once we have a clear business vision and itinerary, we focus on creating the necessary protocols and methodologies to achieve the correct reproduction of a successful business model, moving it to all the business areas alongside a global communication plan with two clear goals: strengthening the attraction capacity of each franchisee and attracting the most suitable candidates to be franchised.

Successful business franchising model

SetUp Media has plenty of successful cases to show that prove our business franchising model’s effectiveness. Our unique technological and online marketing models help us strengthen the business proposal so that your company or startup can expand on a national and/or international level.
We know how to franchise a business and we have a clear vision on how to expand and boost your possibilities to tackle different markets and start international businesses with total guarantees.

SetUp helps to franchise a successful business to replicate it systematically with a controlled national or international expansion.

How SetUp Media can help you to franchise your business

We do the financial, legal, communication and marketing consultancies that ensures the franchising process’s success, as well as the selection of those candidates that best meet our financial and business management requirements.
Contact us and we will inform you of the steps you need to follow to guarantee the success of your franchising and international expansion process.