The representation and institutional relations services we offer are the following:

Protocol and Institutional Relations

The Protocol establishes all activities related to the organization of institutional acts. Institutional relations deal with the activities required between the company and the different institutions.

Public relations with great personalities, diplomats, politicians, ambassadors, businessmen and international interests

This includes the need for communication between countries, the protection of a product and/or service’s general reputation at an international level and the reinforcement of the reputation of the products supplied by a specific company or industry.

Image and communication strategy design

For a correct optimization of the corporate image we must ask ourselves what technology, organization, people, and business processes are necessary to carry out a good communication strategy. We offer you a specialized design for each strategy.

Specific Media Campaigns

As a media agency, we at SetUp Media plan and execute a timely marketing campaign to help businesses grow through the selection of the most suitable channels, the establishment of the goals and tactics and the study of the competition and the market.

Continuous presence in the media

It is vital that a business stays continuously in the media, thereby ensuring that the target audience won’t “forget” us or our product.

Media monitoring

The measurement and monitoring before and after planning, measuring and evaluating a campaign are crucial elements. To that end we offer a monitoring plan in order to evaluate where exactly is our marketing campaign at every moment.

Relations with the media

It’s very important to have a good relationship with the media when facing a new project, which means defining the message, the new media and communication tools, tailor the messages to the target audience and correctly use the various existing channels.

Organization of press conferences

The organization of these press conferences in a professional manner gives both the client and the company the opportunity to make themselves known and spread their intentions and ideas in the commercial area.

Event organization

Planning and management of conferences, conventions and meetings in order to add value to their services and products.

SetUp acts as public relations on all levels, generating quality institutional relations. Our reach is so broad that we study in detail the brand and their expansion possibilities to afterwards pursue a communication strategy and generate protocols and institutional events to create operations of the highest level with the chosen key connections. We also act as an events agency in Madrid and Barcelona.