Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing in which a business rewards to one or more affiliates for each visitor or client achieved thanks to marketing actions performed by these affiliates. This structure is formed by 4 main players: the seller, the affiliate network (which contains the different affiliate offers), the affiliate and the client. To this scene we could add a 5th player, the affiliation management agency, in this case, SetUp Media.

The methodologies used to achieve these goals are based in the main online marketing disciplines, such as organic positioning or SEO, SEM or PPC, e-mail marketing amongst others.

SetUp Media, Affiliate Marketing Agency

At SetUp Media we are specialists in affiliate marketing, managing brands and projects with all the affiliate platforms of the market. Our methodology differs according to each client or product, but above all, we focus in finding the target inside the segment of each advertising network.

With that, we achieve to reduce the investment to the minimum to guarantee a fast ROI or return of investment once we have studied correctly our client’s product or service.
At SetUp Media we identify the ideal affiliate network for your business, with the right CPA according to your budget and guaranteeing the best short, medium and long term results. We also monitor and optimize your investment at all time.

We work in the acquisition of prospective clients through the most appropriate channels, both in B2B projects and more specialized networks in B2B businesses, all coordinated with the rest of efforts of our advertising agency.