Media Agency: Television, Radio and Press

The success of an advertising campaign of seasonal product launch remains in achieving the proper balance between online, offline and Social Media efforts. Amongst our inbound marketing proposals, our media agency, specialized in offline media communications, will complete the global advertising campaign by performing radio, television and press actions, with complete synchronicity with the rest of the project’s online communication. Let our production department take care of all the details. Our process is transparent for the client and is based on:

Claim analysis and communication axis

Our media agency will analyse and propose the claim which best refers to the client’s branding, the product or service’s needs and the channels where it will be shown. All in complete harmony with the branding criteria and performing a competence benchmark, media audience, etc. . .

Campaign’s planning and execution

At SetUp Media we take care of planning all the steps a media campaign should follow in tv, radio and printed press, as well as executing and supervising all the actions that take place along the way.

Production or supervision of communication elements’ production

We produce directly or we supervise the production of all the elements and actions which are part of the whole offline media campaign, mainly the creation of jingles, spots, coupons, QR codes, etc.

Daily following and monthly reporting with press clipping and measurable elements to calculate the campaign’s value.

At SetUp Media we will perform a detailed following of all actions taken, and to keep our clients well informed, we will give away a monthly report with all the features published and their results.