Smart Email Marketing

We at SetUp Media are experts at creating, generating and shaping email marketing campaigns. We create smart newsletters in no time, using a highly specialized software that allows us to make an A/B test for each and every newsletter. This exclusive methodology lets us know and learn from the user while improving our clients’ database segmentation. We also work with a premium line thanks to which our emails are never categorized as Spam, always after cleaning the database during the initial test and setup phases. Our position’s integrity is a key element and we can’t put it at risk with low quality deliveries or directly Spam.

Why is a good email marketing campaign so important?

Email Marketing is a really powerful tool that allows us to send customized emails and adapt them to the clients’ needs, which is of great use when creating and executing promotional or ranking campaigns. It’s a direct and non-invasive channel that allows for great segmentation, creates an immediate answer from the client and it’s easy to obtain its ROI.

The Email is the perfect online marketing channel to build loyalty from the clients and the core element of a powerful email marketing campaign. It is, alongside Social Media, a very effective marketing weapon. The social community must be transformed into a segmented database so we can do selective actions with the purpose of letting the user receive offers and contents that he’s interested in and, as a consequence, greatly increase the conversion rate of our email marketing actions.

Email marketing is a very effective customer loyalty and attraction tool and we should never ignore its potential, since it’s still the customers’ favorite communication channel and the companies that opt to use email marketing techniques find their sales numbers greatly increase.