SetUp Media, your technology partner

If you have a business idea, but you don’t have the equipment or the expertise to develop it, we at SetUp Media can assess your needs and become your technology partner. Several entrepreneurs already rely on SetUp Media to carry out their business project from a technical and technological point of view.

As a technology partner, we have the full capacity to size the requirements that your company might need, covering several main areas:

  • Design
  • Web development and layout crafting
  • Technical aspects of the marketing plan (SEO, SEM, SMO, SMP, CRO…)
  • Finance
  • Commercial


We collect your business idea and compare it with our own market and technology research to fully understand your vision, the sector to target and the ultimate goal. We believe that a good market research is essential to make decisions and develop successful and effective strategies. It is an essential tool to assess, compare and progress. Then we create detailed wireframes and share our ideas with you.


A creative web design needs to have an impact on the consumer, give the website a distinct personality and make it different from the rest of competitors. In this sense, the usability, functionality, accessibility and aesthetic are prerequisites that we integrate into all our projects to make them unique and different.

At SetUp Media we can provide you with a diverse set of handcrafted designs made from scratch. We work closely with you in a bidirectional communication channel until the design of the project is totally finished, ensuring that your tastes and preferences suit ours.


As a technology partner, at SetUp Media we code and develop your product with advanced management software and powerful technology.


We carefully examine the product and pave the way using all our tools for a successful later release.