SetUp Media is the Business Partner that will launch your project to success and the advisor that will guide you through the investment, business, technology, marketing and legal areas.

At SetUp Media we can be your investment partner and lead your project to different capitalization lines. In addition, as a business partner we accompany entrepreneurs and business owners with a plan of advice that covers all operation areas. For each type of company, we set up a team of experts to understand each case’s special features.

If what you need is a technology partner, we can measure the requirements that your project needs, covering the main areas that you’ll surely need: design, programming, layout, etc.

Professionals: experience and attitude

We have an experienced and skilled team that analyzes, implements and develops any area of a company. SetUp Media’s professionals are highly qualified to undertake any project.

Small, medium and large-sized enterprises

No matter the size of the company; our main concern is that the established business goals are properly and smoothly met. For each type of company, we set up a team of experienced workers to understand each field’s special features.

Business Partner

SetUp Media is the perfect Business Partner to transform your business into a digital and social enterprise. Our technology consultancy encompasses all business levels, from business, financial, accounting, fiscal, commercial, human resources and management consultancies, to our roles as a content and media agency, doing IT consultancy for the company’s digital transformation in order to acquire new clients and sales. As a business and startup accelerator, SetUp manages to make a partnership with each customer based on their needs.