ASO Positioning

Thanks to SetUp Media‘s ASO consultancy you will get the best positioning for your App in the most powerful application stores that currently exist, such as Google Play or Apple Store.

App Store Optimization

One of the most important points of ASO and the success in general of a new App resides in its description and title. Along with the screenshots, the title and description are the first things that any user will see on the App. As ASO experts, we offer a description and title proposal in four languages which requires all the conditions and specifications for the best possible positioning within the desired store. We also offer typology and categorization proposals that should be included when a new App is published, because placing it in an improper class or category could penalize positioning.

Screenshots creation

The screenshots shown in the App Store are the showcase of any App and, therefore, offer the user a first overview of what we think is important to show them. The first impression is always important, so having many attractive HD screenshots will make the user interested in downloading the App. If we offer small or unattractive screenshots to the user it will make them skip to the next App to find something that catches their attention.
Our ASO experts will create the best screenshots and make them as attractive and attention grabbing as possible.

Video creation and publication

Adding a video demonstration of the App directly improves its ASO position. In that way, users can see the App in motion before they download it. We know the key points that a demo video must contain to be the most striking visually and most likely to be downloaded by the users.

Review creation

Knowing the number of applications that are being created every week, it’s very hard to stand out above the competition so promoting an application and advertising it well can make the difference between success and failure. As Mobile experts we offer the creation of detailed reviews of applications, ready to be published in specialized forums, Webs, blogs, etc.
This way you get direct access to a specialized audience and connoisseurs of the mobile world or of the specific subject of the application. And not only it is advertising the application but also indexes are created to improve the applications’ ASO positioning.


Improved graphics proposal: An app’s design is one of the main elements we have to take into account when developing one. Great ideas could end up in failure if you can’t find the way to make them attractive to the user. We offer a new point of view of your app’s current design, and propose some improvements:

  • Improved graphics proposal on screen. Tweaks, color changes, button positions, style. . .
  • Complete redesign proposal. The first chosen design is not always the most adequate, and we might need to redesign the application from scratch in order to create a new, more attractive app that has bigger chances to succeed.
  • Icon design proposal. We need to take into account that the first thing about our application that the user is going to see is the icon. To have a noteworthy and professional looking icon will attract the user towards our app instead of another one.

Usability proposal

An application’s usability is every bit as important as its design; if an application is not usable, it will be near impossible for it to find any kind of success. More often than not, users will tire out of an app that’s not user friendly, easy to understand or too complicated. That’s why we offer a usability evaluation, done by our experts, with the goal of identifying the areas that should be improved in order to offer a better interaction between the user and the application.

  • Improvements in the use of menus. It’s very important that the user knows how to access any part of the application in a simple and intuitive manner.
  • Improvement of pop-ups and messages proposal. The users tend to tire out easily of the apps that force them to close pop-ups constantly. Finding shortcuts and ways of avoiding these messages will make the application easier to use.
  • Proposal of adequate use of the Smartphone’s possibilities. The use of the gyroscope, cam, GPS. . .add value to an application, even though more doesn’t always mean better; it’s important to adequately evaluate the use of these tools.

Review publication in specialized websites

Aside from writing professional reviews, we also manage the publication of said reviews on specialized websites and blogs. Thanks to our web of Partners, we have the capacity to make sure these reviews are published on many influential blogs, plus we also have our own channels where we can publish these contents.
When trying to make yourself known to the big public, review publication is a key element:

  • For each blog where a review is published, we’ll improve our client acquisition potential accordingly.
  • The users of said blogs are highly specialized, so by publishing the reviews in those sites we’ll be directly targeting our desired audience, obtaining a much bigger ROI during the process.
  • More blogs publishing a review means more external links to the app store, which will directly improve our ASO, meaning our application is going to rank higher on the app store.

Translation of applications

Giving the users the chance to change the application’s language is gonna make it easier to expand the app’s worldwide reach. The more languages you can offer, the more chances you’ll have at getting the application known in countries you hadn’t even thought about. Nowadays it’s not enough to only offer english and spanish; adding the chance to easily change the language to french, italian, german or russian will improve both your app’s downloads and its ASO positioning.