Business and startup Accelerator

SetUp Media’s business accelerator strives to invest, incubate and lead to success the 50 best startups in every city where SetUp operates. The goal of our startup accelerator is to select each city’s best projects and business ideas, stemming from accelerators specialized and focused on seed capital, investors forums, technological parks and business centers. We also value projects with the potential to go a long way from entrepreneurs working at their homes. Our mission during the first months is to validate the business model and prepare the product for a funding round that allows us to internationalize the project.

Selection process

The startup selection process is very strict, and we select those that are on the Growth and Expansion Stage to lead them to the Success Stage, offering different boosting possibilities within SetUp Media’s startup acceleration process, like the co-investment as industrial partners or the attraction of relevant VC (Venture Capital).

This process is based on multiple aspects, such as the business idea, the business’ development capacity (which will be shown as profit/markets’ interest), the executive team, the achievement of a clear exit for SetUp Media and the co-investors (which will be given in different shapes along the way), and the opportunity to accept industry partners capable of adapting to a startup’s rhythm and the co-investment demands of a financial partner.

SetUp Media Startup Accelerator program

Startup Incubator

The process of startups incubation lasts between 6 and 24 months, depending on the project. We work from the get go to incorporate these new startups to SetUp Media’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. This time period is the maximum that we estimate a startup needs to transform into a company with their own infrastructural needs, while still being allowed to benefit from SetUp Media’s services of all kinds.

SetUp Media program investment

We invest all you need in any projects to get the objectives that you have in your business plan. We have three investment sources all the startups that are part of our entrepreneurship ecosystem can beneficiate from:

Technology, business, marketing and commercial investment

As a technology partner, SetUp Media invests in technology at cost price, absorbing the profit margin in its entirety and providing the maximum quality with minimum project development, online marketing, infrastructure and marketing strategy costs. Our role as a technological partner is to guarantee a cutting edge product, as well as controlling the critical mass acquisition through the most relevant channels, mainly search engines and social media.
Simultaneously, we constantly optimize the product development through CRO processes, analyzing the data obtained through web analytics, processing the information and developing the hypothesis we’ll later use to create the necessary interactions within the product that will allow us to obtain the biggest yield rate during the monetization process. Our priority is to obtain the biggest ROI in all our client acquisition strategies and to dedicate our advertising budget on the most successful ones.

Our finance, business development and commercial strategy experts cover the vast spectrum of needs any startup during its development and expansion stages might have.

Media Investment

We have important media partners as well as networks of smaller publications that helps our projects to obtain not only visibility but also qualified reference traffic. An important part of the SEO technology investment is dedicated to the different media since they suppose a big opportunity to work a project’s off page SEO and content, communication and social media strategies.

Financial investment

SetUp Media’s business accelerator gives a capital injection to every startup that enters the acceleration process in multiple ways:. We have our own fund that will be operative midway through 2016, as well as the exclusive management of a private network of asian investors. We co-invest with private BA networks as well as VC funds, crowdfunding platforms and other partners closely related to SetUp Media’s acceleration program.
In the span of 3 months, a startup that has entered SetUp Media’s acceleration program will receive the necessary investment to evolve from the growth stage to the expansion stage in order to maximize the possibilities to jump into the international market and become a benchmark startup in its area of expertise in 12-21 months.

Co-investors and partners

We collaborate with business accelerators and other partners that provide good ideas and initiatives but don’t yet have the maturity needed to enter SetUp Media’s program. We work with these “early stage” project accelerators to ensure an exhaustive monitoring of the business development, management, growth and scalability processes so, when the time comes, these startups are eligible for our accelerator program’s entry process.


We have the most adequate mentors to best fit the necessities of each project. In our entrepreneurship ecosystem we can find said mentors, and we also guarantee a quality plus when dealing with the element that constitutes the project’s core business.