CRO Barcelona and Madrid

We’re an agency specialized in CRO, and so in every digital marketing strategy we have to very clear goals: to attract critical mass and/or visibility for the web/mobile application and the processes that optimize this traffic to maximize conversion. These processes of conversion rate optimization (CRO) are useful to monetize the existing traffic and find the growth lever for our many income sources.

Web Analytics

The compilation of data that might affect our users is a top priority in order to understand why we’re not selling and what can we do to improve our situation. These strategies are equally relevant for both B2B business models and services, industrial companies, etc. . .and also B2C companies, directly oriented towards the final consumer. The B2C model is more appropriate to gain a bigger amount of data in less time, facilitating a larger sample to study the compiled data with a more precise criteria and polish our hypothesis in a faster and more accurate manner.

User Experience

Taking the compiled data as a starting point and adding the hypothesis created by our best analysts, it’s time to suggest solutions at an implementation level. And it’s here that we have to talk about the multi-variable test. We create different versions of a landing page, be it the main page or a secondary one, and we analyze which version gives us the better answer according to our conversion and business goals. Our UX UI experts work by constantly repeating the web and mobile MVPs in a permanent process that strives to find a business expansion that gets us better leads with the same amount of traffic.

Market studies

In the more ambitious and competitive projects we use more resources in order to obtain more precise market studies that let us know in advance where to invest our advertising budget, greatly minimizing the time period until we get to the growth lever and start growing.