Business Internationalization

SetUp Mediaacts a partner in project internationalization both via internet and other more traditional business expansion mechanisms. Our objective is to detect the growing and emerging markets in order to do a scalable brand expansion plan.

Our precise market studies allow us to make decisions backed by tangible business data, allowing us to focus on economic and advertising resources in markets with a big short term ROI (Return of Investment) capacity.

Our experience gives us the capacity to internationalize your business in all countries. We have both business of our own and participated business throughout Europe, USA and Asia, which lets us get the best distributors.

Thanks to our business consultancy services, we’ll advise you about how to take your business project to their utmost limits, ensuring the ROI through a digital strategy tailor made for your company.

Internationalize to China

At SetUp Media we have a vast knowledge of the Chinese market, nowadays the most powerful Asian market and one of the biggest in the world. This allows us to offer a complete service to internationalize your business, startup or company to China. We manage to do this through constant effort and a clear strategy, since the chinese market is regulated by a set of rules that’s very different from our own.
Also, the relationship between the European Union and China has improved significantly recently, and as a result China has started political actions to favor foreign capital investments. Also relevant is the fact that employment costs in China are relatively low.
We take care of your business’ expansion and internationalization to China process, ensuring tangible results. You’ll get visibility in the most competitive and sought-after market nowadays thanks to SetUp Media’s business internationalization to China service.