SetUp Media does very demanding web design services. We work alongside the best professional web designers in order to achieve the best results for your company, repeating the process as many times as it takes to maximize the ROI (return of investment). Our experts work taking into account each client and or/service’s target user, following the ui and ux design principles and making sure this design is accessible and attractive for you and your clients. We also combine different techniques in order to improve the visual appearance without losing usability or web ranking.

Web Design with Templates

Our team of inhouse designers will create web designs with templates totally adaptable to your needs. With this strategy we reduce costs, giving us the chance to dedicate more resources to the rest of functionalities or to execute all the actions contemplated on the online marketing strategy.

Customized Web Design

For the most ambitious projects we offer the chance to create totally customizable web designs. We use all kind of technologies and design corporate websites, ecommerce, forums, portals and mobile apps, and we also offer the possibility to create your brand image from scratch.

Responsive Web Design

SetUp Media always does responsive web designs, adaptable to any device. Taking into account the wide variety of devices available nowadays with the capacity to navigate the internet, it’s necessary to work on the conception and creation of web pages and their subsequent design and layout so they are completely responsive. Thanks to that we can make all web designs adaptable to any kind of device.

SetUp Media, your web design partner

Our main offices are located in Madrid and Barcelona so we can give the best service to our clients, offering the chance of scheduling regular meetings to further improve the project’s management.