UI UX Design

At SetUp Media we’re aware that one of the key elements so a business model can work is the user experience, and to that end we focus a big part of our web design efforts to elaborate a UI UX structure adapted to your business, taking into account the target audience, the brand image and the conversion rate optimization or CRO.

We are always trying to achieve the highest quality in all our actions, especially when we approach our designs. Our team strives to transmit our clients’ DNA and brand values in our designs, whether they are for corporate websites, ecommerce, blogs, etc. . .We also pay special attention to the navigation, optimizing it for every platform or device, be it a PC, a tablet or a smartphone.

Conversion Funnel

A conversion funnel refers to the process that a website’s user must go through until he/she achieves the desired goal, be it a registration, a sale or a lead conversion.

This conversion funnel is also useful to define the losses produced at every level of a web’s conversion process, and allows us to apply the necessary actions on the right spots so we can optimize the site’s conversion rate.
SetUp Media’s online marketing team has the necessary resources to delve into the interactive relationship established between the user and the client’s site, and we dedicate all these resources to achieve the goals laid out at every level of the conversion funnel.