Social Media Plan

If we normally find a Social Media plan executed with qualitative values, such as Branding or PR, in Social Media we are specialists in crafting Social Media Plans with ROI criteria. That’s why our goal is that the command and control of metrics speaks about our effectiveness.

We work in the projects from a 360º approach. We perform an in-depth research to find out where our target is and which social networks they use the most to have a strong presence in them and engage with them in an efficient way and getting the best return of investment. We will offer content of interest for them and give them a great experience in our platforms. Both in the social network and online-offline platforms.

We work with an online communications plan to determine afterwards where to focus the communication, if in a B2B social network such as Linkedin, or straight to the final consumer with Facebook for example. We also study specific social networks for niche projects or generalists which present business opportunities in these networks.
We send periodic reports to our clients with all the features that come from the content curation and hasn’t been exploded in the various networks’ streams.

We work the management of the relations with influencers. This means an investment for the company and we understand that our efforts of identifying, segmentation, categorization and capitation of the influencers are one of the most valued intangible factors by our clients.