Business Internationalization to China

SetUp Media is your perfect business partner if your goal is to internationalize your company to the world’s largest market. We help Western companies with the objective of establishing a business relationship and an international collaboration with Chinese institutions and companies.

Our business experience and knowledge in China have allowed us to find the key to the success of technologic projects, both products and services, when landing at the world’s largest market.

Why choose SetUp to internationalize your company to China?

-Comprehensive and customized solutions to the needs of each company, its volume, resources and capabilities.
-Tested sales team who reports directly to Direction Department.
-Multidisciplinary team experienced in internationalization.
-Smooth and effective communication with any headquarters or spot in the world.
-Wide network of institutional relations and key contacts in each industry.
-Investment capacity subsequent to the start of the project to provide the capital needed in a long term to achieve success.

Objectives of an internationalization to China project

Get a business partner.
Short term ROI based on the market’s sector type.
Minimization of costs and timings.
Develop a strong, stable and ambitious business plan in China.
Establish partnerships with local governments, private companies, private investment funds and diplomatic contacts.

Services for a company which is internationalizing its business activity in China

-Legal, commercial and fiscal advice.
-Technological development, innovation and adaptation to the country of origin at the level of functionality, design and monetization models.
-Advertising, marketing and communication’ actions.
-Content and creativity translations.
-Country based staff: sales force, account managers, and the staff required to undertake the project.
-Contacting major technological distributors.
-Integration with the main mobile applications marketplace.
-Visibility and traffic acquisition.
-Monitoring, quantitative and qualitative analytic tools.
-Distribution of products manufactured in the main channels, online and offline.
-Assistance in fairs and key events.
-Adaptive management of the client’s requirements and monthly reporting.

Internationalization to China: project stages

Feasibility and market study.
Short, medium and long term objectives.
Implementation and development of the project.
Reporting and constant communication during the various phases of the project.