Customized solutions for every company

SetUp Media is a business consultancy focused on the development and expansion of companies. We identify the projects where we can provide our knowledge and experience to achieve their goals through the right plan and strategic direction.

SetUp Media’s team is composed by professionals with over 20 years of experience in the different fields of business’ analysis. We find the best solution for each company by understanding that every situation is different.

Medium SetUp philosophy: we advise and implement

We analyse and offer the solution to best meet your company’s unique needs. In addition, our professional services’ teams implement the solutions agreed upon at the digital strategy or supervise the work with internal resources.

Digital strategy

Sometimes it’s hard to make decisions. We help clients to identify and understand the company’s position in the market and we suggest options with potential immediate improvement. Our approach includes the identification of a business restructuring, acquisition, integration, and sale value quickly and efficiently, as well as searching the business’ operational efficiency and maximize the ROI (return on investment).


We help our clients to get the maximum value from technology investments, to gather the necessary knowledge to improve every process, to manage IT policies in our clients’ enterprises and to implement the best technological solutions.

ROI – Return on investment

We take care of our projects from the beginning and we establish a protocol that offers the best results in the short, medium and long term. The ROI is the first step to achieve the business’ profitability, and that’s our first goal.